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Backyard Railroaders was formed in January 2003. We are a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Garden Railroaders located in Newmarket, GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Ontario, Canada.

Our main objective as a group is to promote the hobby, but most of all it is to have fun!

During the summer, we meet once a month usually on the third Sunday of the month, at member's homes. We socialize, run trains, and learn from one another. While the guys are playing with their trains, the wives are gabbing.

Our group is devoid of rules and regulations; we simply prefer to have a "steering committee" made up of 5 volunteers who are responsible for managing the club along with the help of other members. We have a laid back attitude, a state of mind that is most acceptable by all our members.

Sharing knowledge is first and foremost important to all our members. Since our winters are long and sometimes severe, it is the perfect time to hold clinics on every subject of interest to everyone. We have several members who are only too willing to share their expertise.

Summertime is dedicated to holding open houses, however, we still find time to take train trips, have BBQ's, picnics and the odd auction.

We strongly believe in having work parties to help members who are either new to the hobby or simply need help. Some of us who are experienced in the hobby and have our layouts established look forward to being able to work on a different layout.

In the first 5 years of operation, we have come to the conclusion that a relaxed atmosphere with as little work as possible, is what members want most of all. We work hard at making that happen.

We welcome new members, please contact us for more information.

We also publish a monthly newsletter.

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