Featured Layout #1
York Central Railway
2006 until present
Owned & Operated by Jim & Julie Barber
Featured Layout #2
Owned & Operated by
David and Hanna Lloyd
Featured Layout #3
Owned & Operated by
Ivan & Mary Anne Fraser
Featured Layout #4
Owned & Operated by
Bruce and Ruth Nord
Featured Layout #5
Owned & Operated by
Earl Graves

Graves Yard Express  
Owned and operated by Earl Graves  

What started it all was our love of trains and flower gardens...

6 years ago, Earl was in Newmarket for an appointment when he saw a sign "Backyard Railroaders" at Madsenís Greenhouses.

Curious as to what this was all about, he stopped in to check it out. He was amazed at what and who he saw! In the distance he recognized Jim Barber from high school! Earlís dream of trains and gardens grew from that day on.

Everyone was so friendly and we were invited to an open house in Brampton. As guests, we felt like we were intruding but before we knew it we were one of the gang enjoying a delicious BBQ.

Lucky for us one of the members was moving and Earl was able to purchase trains that were like new.

Thanks to Jim, he sketched out a few layouts for us to choose from.

As quick as a whistle blows, members of the club showed up in our backyard with shovels, pails, rakes and whatever it took to build our railroad. That is the beauty of belonging to a club, the older members help the new members along... Makes the introduction to the hobby a lot easier and fun too!

Since the birth of our layout, things have changed considerably as it always does. I guess you could say that each spring you get train fever! What can we change, add, remove or rearrange on our layout?

It never ends... But then again thatís the nature of the hobby and we both love it!

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