Featured Layout #1
York Central Railway
2006 until present
Owned & Operated by Jim & Julie Barber
Featured Layout #2
Owned & Operated by
David and Hanna Lloyd
Featured Layout #3
Owned & Operated by
Ivan & Mary Anne Fraser
Featured Layout #4
Owned & Operated by
Bruce and Ruth Nord
Featured Layout #5
Owned & Operated by
Earl Graves

The Fradun Garden Railway  
Owned and operated by Ivan & Mary Anne Fraser  

The Fradun Garden Railway got started in 2007(after the landscaping was done) with 100 feet of track circling the pond, stream and waterfall.

A concrete church, built by Julie Barber, was the sole structure, and is now on the layout where track will arrive in a future expansion, date unknown.

In 2008 the track was powered and a DCC system installed. This system will allow much expansion and flexibility. Also in 2008 seven scale log cabins (1/24rth), a scale lumber train station (1/24rth lumber construction) and a covered pedestrian bridge (same scale) were built and added.

Future plans change yearly but the current plan is to have a a building with track inside so trains can be store in a secure area during the season and driven out onto the track.

Track will also be extended with likely two large loops and some other bits. A Rural community, constructed of “Jigstones” and concrete buildings is also planned.

As with all grand projects the concept comes without forecast dates. The Fradun Garden Railway is a bobby, likely always will be with “stuff” to be done.

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